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My Chambers and Services

The chambers Jan Froehlich offers a wide range of services concerning civil law, IP-related issues as well as IT-law related issues.

I am a qualified and certified IT-lawyer („Fachanwalt für Informationstechnologierecht“) as well as a qualified and certified IP-lawyer („Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz“).

Contract Law

These areas comprise copyright law, media law, internet law, law of unfair competition, anti-trust law, public procurement, licence contracts, software law, design rights, trade marks, administrative law, and company law.

I advise artists, enterprises (start-ups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)), German and international clients.

Media Law

Media law is one of my preferred areas of work, I advise my clients with regard to numerous cases concerning the litigation but also well before cases become pending, in order to enable settlements outside the courts to protect my clients’ interests.


As both an IT-lawyer and IP-lawyer, I very successfully support my clients’ interests in court concerning arbitration procedures and litigation in civil cases at regional and higher regional courts.

I am experienced in numerous court cases concerning interlocutory injunctions and numerous court cases concerning due process cases of law.

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Jan Froehlich, LL.M, Rechtsanwalt

Professional Life

I have been a soldier with mountaineering troops in Bavaria, left as prelieutenant and later became lieutenant. Afterwards, I have trained as a banker and successfully passed my exams as bank apprenticeship.

After studying in Freiburg im Breisgau, Berlin (Freie Universität), and London (University of London), where I obtained my LL.M.-degree, I passed my barrister exam with distinction.

I founded and worked with Froehlich Nieding Marquardt and became a Partner with Buse Heberer Fromm in Berlin and Munich. After opening the chambers Jan Froehlich, I worked as attorney in Paris for the English law firm Dechert in 2017 and as temporary attorney in 2018 for Quinn Emanuel in London. In 2019 and 2020 I worked for Deloitte in Berlin.



Rechtsanwalt Jan Froehlich, LL.M.*
(*University of London, LL.M. - Intellectual Property)
Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz
Fachanwalt für Informationstechnologierecht

Märkisches Ufer 34
10179 Berlin

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